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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing where do i mail form w-4v for social security

Instructions and Help about where do i mail form w-4v for social security

This is stephen Strickland and today I want to take a few minutes to answer a few of the topics that we've been hearing most recently from our clients one has to do with tax forms and the other about social security most of you by now you're wondering about what to take to your CPA what type of tax forms you need to take to get your taxes done for 2021 what you should be looking for is a 1099 any of you that received money from an IRA or Roth IRA account any of you that sold investments last year and took cash proceeds out or even if you just add dividends and interest reinvested in a non-qualified account should receive a 1099 the most important thing to realize is that those 1099s are required to be sent out by the end of februari so you may get those even sometimes the first week of March that is a form that you will need in order to do your taxes for 2021 you'll also receive another form it's called the 5498 that form does not come out until the end of May it is not required for you to do your taxes for last year this is just a statement that shows how much money you have in retirement accounts you'll get that later in the year but you don't need this one to do your taxes you will need this to do your taxes if you sold investments are in the year or if you took money out of retirement accounts or if you have a non-qualified account that you have dividends and interest reinvested that will come from schwab for most of you and then also we've had questions lately about Social Security from our clients and the main two things that realize the changes that took place at the beginning this year regarding social security are if you are age 66 by April thirtieth of this year and you have not filed for Social Security yet you're not receiving Social Security benefits and you will be aged 66 by April thirtieth this year and you have not filed yet then this option of filing in suspending for social benefits is still available to you but in order to take advantage of file in suspend you also have to file by April thirtieth of 2021 so if you're in that sweet spot where you turn 66 by April thirtieth have not I'll jet that we need to talk to you sometime before April to talk about this potential strategy for the rest of you if you're over age 62 by the end of December last year if your term 62 by the end of December 2021 then you're still eligible to do what's called a restricted application that restricted application still has to be you still have to wait to file that until you reach full retirement age but that option will still be available.