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Instructions and Help about social security near me

SSI SSDI PIAA DLI Social Security has a lot of abbreviations it's our hope that by the end of this video you'll understand all of these abbreviations and be able to sort it out so that you can understand how the Social Security Disability system works for you hi this is david henson with hensonfuerst attorneys we get calls every day from clients who want to know about Social Security disability and how to apply so I thought I would take a little time today to outline details about the application process and to point out a couple of things that I think you should keep in mind when applying first there are four main ways that you can apply for disability benefits through the Social Security Administration one call the Social Security Administration at 1-877-457-7309 we do apply we recommend that you ask the Social Security representative about three things first what is your primary insurance amount what's called a PIAA this is the amount of monthly benefit that you would be entitled to if you're approved for benefits - what is your date last insured or what's called the DLI this is the cutoff date after which you are no longer eligible for SSDI Social Security disability insurance benefits sort of like an expiration date you must be able to prove that your disability condition began before that date 3 are you eligible Supplemental Security income what's called SSI or Social Security Disability Insurance SSDI or both depending on your work history number of credits paid into the system and financial situation you may be eligible for one or both of these programs run by Social Security now the answers to these questions are important because they tell us what claims for benefits you may be entitled to and assist us in calculating how much in past and future benefits you'll receive if you're approved we find that these are common questions asked by clients and allow us to explain what options are available when you're considering hiring a lawyer if you have additional questions regarding the application for Social Security disability insurance please visit our website at