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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Social security disability

Instructions and Help about Social security disability

This is the American Law Journal or if you apply for Social Security disability benefits will you get them it may come down to one simple number what's your age good evening I'm Christopher nought and welcome to ALJ the old adage is the older you get the easier it is to get disability benefits but a former New York Yankee found out that's not necessarily the case Gina Passarella with the legal intelligencer has this subscribe dial with a Yankee runner inscribed position Brian Doyle right now he is three for three with two runs scored Brian Doyle a fairy tale story in the Yankee baseball history a utility infielder with a low career batting average Doyle subbed for a Lang star Willie Randolph in the 1978 World Series and for two glorious weeks he hit 438 driving in and scoring runs making sparkling plays in the field leading the Yanks to victory that was Doyle's brief shining moment in the Sun but in the 1990s he contracted leukemia his bones deteriorated and today in his 60s suffers from Parkinson's disease making life difficult and according to Doyle work impossible I am quite a bit homebound I can't I can't drive so Doyle applied for Social Security disability benefits but the government turned him down twice I was extremely disappointed and frustrated and it should have been easier for the 60 year old Doyle because the Social Security Administration has set up medical vocational grids taking into account one's education ability to do light work and age simply put the closer to retirement age you get the easier it is to get disability benefits but not for Doyle he didn't give up after those two denials he filed an appeal to get his day in court last November after Doyle's case was heard by an administrative law judge he did what he so often did in the 78th world series with two strikes and two outs he got his clutch hit and finally landed his Social Security disability benefits award have endurance have friends and family to support and pray because I'm living proof that almost after three years I finally won my case for the American Law Journal I'm Gina Passarella alright folks we're here with you and your telephone calls I've got two attorneys here in the studio with me we'll be joined by a guest from Washington DC in just a couple of minutes but first just Leventhal joins us once again he's been doing for many years with Leventhal Sutton and gornstein claim it's attorney the firm focusing on SSD and SSI cases and seated right next to him familiar face now I think I went back to the old VHS tapes guys I think he goes back to the mid-1990s one night I'm going to pull him out Alan Polanski is with Polanski and Polanski in Audubon New Jersey formerly with the Social Security Administration well that's getting further and further in the.

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