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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Social security card

Instructions and Help about Social security card

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What should I do? After 15 days of receiving my EAD card, my Social Security Card hasn’t arrived yet. Yes, I applied for that too when I filled out the paperwork for the EAD.
DISCLAIMER: I AM NOT AN OFFICIAL. I AM ALSO AN INTERNATIONAL GRADUATE CURRENTLY ON F-1 OPT. I FACED SIMILAR ISSUES (NOT EXACTLY THE SAME, THOUGH) TO YOURS AND THIS IS JUST MY POINT OF VIEW AS TO WHAT THE COURSE OF ACTION SHOULD BE, SINCE MY ISSUE WAS RESOLVED PROMPTLY BY FOLLOWING THESE STEPS. PLEASE DO NOT TREAT THIS AS LEGAL/OFFICIAL ADVICE. IT IS JUST AN INFORMAL SUGGESTION.1. For starters, I think you need to contact your DSO (designated school official, i.e., whichever department of your university deals with OPT related matters) regarding this issue.2. They will pryou a contact number for you to place a plea with the USCIS.3. Keep your SEVIS number ready (you'll find it at the top left corner of your form I-20).4. Call the USCIS and voice your plea after telling them your SEVIS number.5. Do all of this preferably in the earlier hours of the day, as the wait times increase as the day progresses. Moreover, the earlier you place the plea, the earlier you'll get a response. Probably on that very same day if you place it before, say, 10 AM your local time.6. I believe the USCIS lets you know a ticket number (sort of like a docket number or a complaint number) for future reference. If they tell you over the phone, keep a note of it. If they send you an email containing your ticket number, retain that email and don't trash it.7. Ideally, after these steps you should know what the status of your SSN card is. If not, I'd suggest you contact your local social security office and let them know what issues you're facing.Hope this helps!
How on Earth could a "Voter ID" be contentious in any way?
It is instructive to ask how we voted before there were photo ids…which didn’t really come into play for driver’s licences until 1970s. The Voting Rights Act (VAR) of 1965 was a response to the pattern of restriction on voting applied in certain states (mostly those that at one time had slavery), those states had to submit for federal review changes to their vote-related processes to ensure they didn’t propagate unfair restrictions or illegal practices such as literacy tests and poll taxes.Then, in 2022. a lawsuit (Shelby vs. Holder) effectively “deactivated” two provisions of the VAR. Immediately, some states started with laws that put aggressive voter id laws in place and other provisions that made it more difficult for certain people to vote by restricting the nature and types of ids that would be accepted. All of these laws are being challenged in court, and at least two have had major reversals, North Carolina and Texas. The states that have been pursuing the most regressive laws have universally been “red states.”It is hard for people who have mobility and income and flexibility in their job to understand the impact of these restrictions, be aware that the impacts are (intentionally) directed at poor, minority, and less mobile parts of our population (which tend to vote Democratic). Here’s one of several articles about the impact: https://www.washingtonpost.com/p...Furthermore, the justification for more aggressive voter id laws is usually given as protection from voter fraud (e.g., a person impersonating another voter). The evidence that voter fraud is significant is quite rare, occuring something like .0001 of all votes cast (by the latest count from Heritage Foundation). I think the story of Ken Kobach of Kansas who has spent millions of dollars pursuing what he told the legislature was “thousands” of cases of voter fraud is instructive, after something like two years, he obtained NINE (9) convictions (Editorial: Kobach proves how prevalent voter fraud is).The Brennan Center for Justice studies voting issues and does a good job of providing summaries of research. There may be other issues that concern the integrity of our elections (including voter disenfranchisement, restrictions on voting periods, moving and consolidating precincts even as populations are growing, etc.), in-person voter fraud • the kind that a voter id can combat • is vanishingly rare and we must be very careful to make sure that thousands and thousands of people who should be able to vote can’t because of laws designed to protect against a rare occurrence, their rights are being impinged.*** Edited to fix a mistyping.
How much does it cost to replace a social security card?
About the price of a stamp if you are ineligible to apply for a replacement card online. If anyone offers to replace your card for a fee, walk away, the Social Security Administration (SSA) does not charge for replacement cards. You are allowed 3 card replacements a year to about 10 in a lifetime.It’s best to memorize your Social Security Number (SSN) and put your card away in a lock box or safe. The only time you really need to take it out is when starting a new job and your employer needs a copy. This does not apply to card replacements when you legally change your name or alien status.Also, do not laminate your card. Lamination prevents detection of the security features. However, you may cover the card with plastic or other removable material if it does not damage the card.When I was in charge of hiring and someone gave me a laminated card I would not accept it and told them to obtain a new card and return with it before I could put them on the schedule. Working in retail for several decades helped me identify counterfeit bills and what they felt like which included identifying legitimate social security cards.
My husband filled out for a Social Security card replacement a month ago they say there's no such thing as a temporary Social Security card what can we do?
If your husband goes to the social security office they should be able to print out an official letter stating his social security number and that he has applied for the copy. The Social Security Office worker can stamp their notary and sign it. It would be considered a temporary. This would be sufficient for him to be able to get a replacement driver license if he’s has lost it.
Is it legal to have an unregistered off-the-grid (no birth certificate) baby in the USA?
I was actually roommates with someone in College whose parents decided to have him “off-grid”. Let me just say this: Stop even entertaining the idea of having a baby off-grid. It really makes your child’s life unnecessarily hard and your kid will forever resent you for putting that pain on them.I’ll get into the details in a moment, but first let me address the question proposed above. Yes, technically speaking it is not a crime to have your baby off-the-grid in the U.S.A. However, a lot of details surrounding the event would be illegal. First of all, any licensed midwife or doctor is required by law to file a birth certificate or they actually risk losing their license and getting a misdemeanor. If you forced them or threatened them to not file the birth certificate that would make you a likely accomplice and would not go over well with the authorities.But let’s ignore that for a moment and just assume you know how to birth a child on your own and can do it in your basement without any professional medical physician there to oversee you (which would be the only way you could pull this off). In this case you wouldn’t get thrown in jail for failing to get a birth certificate and no crime would have been committed. However you just set up a very difficult life for your child.These are some of the things I was told from by my roommate who didn’t have a social security number until he was 20 years old.No, he could not get a (legal) jobQuite literally he didn’t qualify to get even a job at McDonalds. If you remember the last job you got no matter how prestigious or demeaning it was, you had to fill out a bunch of paperwork. Most of these forms require you to have a SSN (social security number) to properly fill them out. However the important one is the form labeled I-9. This form is required to be submitted by every employer after hiring a new employee. This form serves only one purpose, to determine that you are eligible to work in the United States. Your child (and my roommate) would not be able to complete this form which every employer must get filled out before starting employment with a new employee. Your child will not be able to get a job because of this.Yes, he can evade paying taxes.Okay, so this sounds like a perk I guess. But my roommate did not have to pay taxes. The government basically didn’t know he existed, so they never knew he was not paying. But then again he didn’t have a job. So would you rather have a job and pay some taxes or not ever be able to work except under the table for below minimum wage? Given that choice, taxes sound pretty awesome! Keep in mind that this also means your child is not eligible for any tax benefits or credits such as those that students get while going to college.No, You as the parent can not claim him as a dependent on your taxesYou’re already dealing with a child, wouldn’t it be great to get that child tax credit? Every year you'll basically be paying out of pocket for deciding not to get them a SSN.Yes, he can attend public school through 12th gradeHe would be able to attend school through high school without a social security number.No, he can not attend collegeWhile high school and lower education is okay, your child will never be able to attend collegeYes, he can go to the doctorThe doctor will still see your child and prhim his shots. However…No, he will not be covered under your family insurance (or qualify for Medicare/Medicaid)So you’ll need to plan on paying for all doctor appointments out of pocket.No, he can not travel abroad (even to Canada)You’d best hope none of your child’s friends decide to go to Cancun for spring break. Your child will not be eligible to leave the country or return to the US if he manages to leave (unless he plans to climb Trump’s wall)No, he will not be able to drive a carOkay, well nothing is stopping him from physically driving a car, but he would not be able to get a driver’s license and thus, can not LEGALLY drive. Hope he doesn’t get pulled over.No, he will not be able to voteOnce old enough he will not be able to register to vote.Yes, he can avoid the draftWell the good news is that like taxes, he can skirt the requirement to join the draft when he turns 18.No, he can’t get a loanThis means no credit cards, no car loan, no home, nothing. I’m sure plenty of people will claim these are all evil anyway, but these have powerful impacts on someone’s life. There might be times he needs it. (and when used properly none of these are bad things).No, he will not have a credit scoreThis goes with the above one, but he will not be able to work on this which affects your entire life/future. This also will disqualify him from renting most homes or apartments he is looking at.Basically your child will be treated as an illegal immigrant. Why put them through this when they are entitled to the benefits that the United States provides its citizens? There are people in other countries dying to get what your child is entitled to and you are (considering) denying your child those abilities? It just doesn’t make sense.Get them a SSN and if your child decides at 20 that he wants to live off-the-grid than he can burn his Social Security Card and go in the woods and hide from the government. But don’t be selfish enough to make that decision for them.My roommate resents his parents for not giving him a SSN. While all his friends in high school were driving, he couldn’t. While his friends go to Cancun for spring break, he had golden handcuffs in the U.S. and can’t leave. And worst of all he said was that while all his friends were earning money from jobs in high school, he couldn’t get a job.The job part was the hardest for him. He couldn’t leave the house or move out when he turned 18. He was stuck at home.Him working on getting a social security number was difficult and took him two years. He started when he turned 18 to get one once he realized he couldn’t go to college, he couldn’t get a job, he couldn’t rent an apartment, and thus will never really be able to be independent from his parents. It took two years and then at 20 he was able to get one and start working and going to school.He forever resented his parents. Don’t be those parents…
What is your “and this is why I hate people” story?
There’s this movie..Veere di wedding.It’s a really good movie. Most of you would be able to relate some of the things happening in the movie to your own lives.Below you’ll find screenshots from two scenes of the movie. A little briefing: The girl sakshi married her boyfriend just after a six month relation. The marriage hardly lasted a year because it took them some time to realize that their interests were completely different and they agreed to the fact that it was a wrong decision to get married so early. After that they fought and argued way too much and it became impossible for them to live together. So sakshi came back to her father’s house while his boyfriend still lived in London.When the neighborhood aunties came to know about this, this is how they make fun of her.(Vineet is the husband)See how they laugh at the end?Firstly, why does it even bother them? Why are they taking so much interest in her life? Just to make fun so that they get SOMETHING to talk about out of their seriously boring lives.So basically what they’re trying to show is that if a girl stays at her parents• house for more than the expected time and their husbands don’t come to fetch them means something fishy right?And secondly when she says that her husband is still in London and the aunties ask - how does he manage alone? Why undereguys? What book says that a guy cannot manage the house alone without his wife? So typical!Thirdly, these women actually judge people from their clothes. This is something i hate about the people of my country.And the worst part. Expecting? What? A child? Is this what couples only have to do? “6 months since you guys got married now you should start planning for a child.” You get married, have children, take them to school, complete their education, get them married and then ask them after a year, Expecting? Bravo!The next pictures I’m putting up are from the scene where these aunties talk about her divorce.So basically, all divorced girls leave this impression right? When something like this is going on in someone's life if we cannot support or help them at least we should avoid talking behind their backs and saying shit.Getting a divorce is no small matter? Okay aunties first of all not your daughter. Secondly it's no big deal if both the partners agree to it. And i think it's nothing to be ashamed of. It's her life, she can drink as much as she wants, she can party the whole week, she can do whatever she wishes to. Who do you think you are to judge her?And sympathizing their parents, really? People like them who assume things, judge people, criticize their younger generation for not being shameful because eventually she is getting a divorce and yet she keeps partying and drinking, shouldn't she be ashamed of herself? She’s a grown up and i think she can take decisions herself.And the biggest controversy is, even after they blabber shit about her, not knowing the reality even a bit, they end the conversation by saying “forget it who cares”.This is what makes me hate people sometimes. I believe that if we can’t utter good things about someone, why even say something bad?People should learn how to mind their own business.Cheers :)
How do you obtain a new social security card?
.Flash! New service from Social Security!It’s possible that you can apply online. There are restrictions. Go to ssa.gov. If you cannot apply online, use procedure below.It’s quite simple:Print an SS-5 form from ssa.gov. Fill it out. Don’t worry about providing your parents• Social Security Numbers.ID documentation: Driver’s License essential. If you have Birth Certificate, bring it. All must be originals. No copies, no notarized.Take completed SS-5 and all original ID material to your local Social Security office. Your new card will arrive in 7–10 days.Tip: Avoid first week of the month. SSI checks come out on 1st and Social Security workload is heavy. Social Security offices are always busy.Soon to be yours! Memorize your number and leave your card at home.
My sister is a US citizen living in Italy. She lost her Social Security card and number. Can she get a replacement or the number?
As the Social Security Administration explains at Office of Earnings & International Operations, there are two Federal Benefits Units in Italy:Federal Benefits UnitAmerican Consulate GeneralPiazza della Repubblica80122 NaplesItalyPhone: 39-081-5838111 (Ext. 4)Fax: 39-081-7611804Email: FBU.Naples@ssa.govFederal Benefits UnitAmerican EmbassyVia Veneto 119 / A00187 RomeItalyPhone: 39-06-4674-5929Fax: 39-06-4674-2542Email: FBU.Rome@ssa.govYour sister should go to whichever is closer to obtain her social security number.She first should contact the relevant FBU to confirm which documents she will need to bring to confirm her identity.
How can I find out my deceased wife's social security number?
Ummm…huh?First of all, sorry for your loss.But there should be DOZENS of documents in your home that contain your late wife's SSN.Here are just a few:Mortgage applicationsRental applicationsInsurance documentationThe annual Social security documentation that she received updating her potential payoutMedical recordsCredit applicationsWork recordsW-2s and W-4 copiesDocumentation from any investments that she or you may have had togetherHer actual Social Security card or cardsHell…you could even call her attorney and have him or her send over their records which would likely have it in there.You'll notice that I didn't mention your marriage license application.Basically unless you discarded all of her business and personal documentation, it should take you less than ten minutes to locate her SSN. Even if you did throw everything of hers away, then it should be multiple places on your own and joint documentation that you both filled out.One question: Why would you need a deceased person’s SSN?
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