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Why bye-bye typical sir waha guru ji ki Fateh these things that I've taken out so they're not written out in a book but it's just five ways of looking at the same thing a spiritual discipline designed to get the person to basically manifest the one inside them guru gobind he says pouran jawed jaga got the man so within there inside them the light is shining fully and poor and bream is another line that Guru Gobind uses for the calls or they have pure love for that one and is aligned from Kabir ji where he says something very similar kahoka bead janab a call say grandpa got to j-johnny as in his somebody who is in love with God and trying to manifest that light inside them so alongside the idea of the pure is that the causes should not be staying into rituals like idol worship or worshipping of graves or any kind of rituals the cost should be focused only upon the one and in the same shot with the Guru Gobind describes a Khalsa when I says a quinna man neck nor money so the Casa is not to focus upon any other demigods or any previous of those is only to focus upon guru ji and focus upon why so another way of understand the Khalsa is to say the Casa is basically guru's own in the old days and the word calls are also used to mean land that was owned by just the king so for example the queen of this country she has land that she sold off and it's owned by other people it's a freehold and it also she has land which is owned purely by her so in that was the same kind of concept for the Khalsa the Khalsa is owned by the good the guru's own form is a guru's own body and it focuses only upon the Guru now to understand that in a bit more detail we can see that once someone takes Amrit one of the philosophies that's given to them is now you are born in a nun put aside your father is Guru Gobind Singh ji your mother is mother side God and Khalsa is their family you're all the Casa is your big Brotherhood and you've changed your caste you've changed your birthplace you've changed your family you're now reborn in guru gobind his family and that can be the the kind of Guru ji wanted to instill that complete change and the complete ownership of the Khalsa Panth for Guru Gobind Singh ji and their total devotion of a becoming owned by Guru is that she reflected in gurbani as well there's a couple of quotes that you know in good wine that really resonate with this for example GU not FG when he first talks about this playing this game of love he says if you want to play this game of love je top.

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